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Creating your Own Menu  

Here you can create your own Menu, and at Funky Food we leave it up to you to decide what you would like to offer your Guests. Please remember to fill in all the necessary fields wherever possible, in order for us to quote accurately.


  • We receive numerous quotation requests where clients went “click-happy” – selecting more dishes than will fit on a platter, never mind a standard plate.
  • Consider what your plate of food should look like and select accordingly ("Eat with your eyes").
  • Meat & Main Dishes are expensive and takes up most of the costings. If you want more than one Meat/Main Dish, prepare to pay for it or make a judgment call.
  • Stick to ONE Main/Meat dish OR indicate to us how many of each type of Main/Meat Dish we should quote on. As with all catering/restaurant industries we base calculations on WEIGHT PER PERSON and not in bowls/containers or pieces… Therefore we can’t instruct one of your guests that they are only allowed, for instance, two pieces of roast and one piece of chicken. If you want a spread of more than one type of Meat/Main Course, you must be prepared to pay for left-over’s . The reason is simple: We calculate FULL PORTIONS of EACH DISH selected! EXAMPLE: You want two different types of meat at a wedding with 80 guests… We therefore cater for 160 servings resulting in a wastage of at least half your meat…
  • The same theory goes for desserts… say you have 80 guests attending your function… and you want TWO different desserts. You will either have to pay for 160 desserts and have 80 portions as wastage, or decide on 40 portions of the one and 40 of the other, totaling 80 portions but with no wastage.
  • REMEMBER: Catering companies are not RESTAURANTS OPEN EVERY DAY and that our clients needs differ DAILY… Therefore we do not offer BUFFET MEALS at CHEAP prices where we work on a principle of whatever is left over will be presented the next day to new clients…
  • What you select result in full portions for the total amount of attendees unless otherwise indicated to us by you…
  • Remember that some dishes must be prepared on site , making it more expensive than others in order to insure freshness (Fried Dishes and Freshly Prepared Salads or items that are subject to colour fading).

Quotation Form:

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Breads, Pastries and Snacks

Breads & Pastries
  1. Traditional Scones – Always a Favorite at teas and as a snack.
  2. Health Muffins - Whole-wheat muffins with oats & raisins that is a winner with butter, grated cheese & jams (Optional).
  3. Cheese Muffins - Freshly baked cheesy muffins.
  4. Health Bread
  5. Cheese Bread
  6. Cheese & Biltong Bread
  7. Beer Bread -Beer & Dough mixture baked until golden and served with butter and cheese (Optional).
  8. Whole wheat Bread - An old Favorite
  9. Milk Bread – Bread made with Full Cream Milk, just like the old days, served with your choice of condiments.
  10. Mielie (Corn) Bread - A trusty Favorite
  11. White Bread Buns (Round)
  12. White Bread Buns (Long)
  13. Whole Wheat Buns (Round)
  14. Whole Wheat Buns (Long)
  15. Ciabatta Bread (Standard bun size)
  16. Ciabatta Bread (Large)
  17. French Loaf - Always a popular one...
  18. Savoury Buns (Small) - White Bread Buns with pieces of red & green pepper and sprinkled with garlic, then baked.
  19. Savoury Buns (Large) - White Bread Buns with pieces of red & green pepper and sprinkled with garlic, then baked.
  20. Garlic Bread Loaf - Need we say more...?
  21. French Garlic Bread Baked in Foil - South Africa's favourite!
  22. French Herb Bread Baked in Foil - A winner at any BBQ
  23. Flapjacks – Always a favorite… you choose the condiments.
  24. White Pita Bread
  25. Brown Pita Bread
  26. Garlic Butter Pita Bread
  27. Garlic & Herb Pita Bread
  28. Small Ham & Cheese Pies - Pieces of ham and cheese in a white sauce, baked in dough.
  29. Sausage Rolls - Savoury mince rolled in dough and baked until golden (+- 120 cm).
  30. Mini Sausage Rolls - Savoury Mince rolled in pastry and baked until golden brown (+- 50 cm).
  31. Mini Steak Pies - Miniature steak-filled Pies.
  32. Mini Chicken Pies - Miniature Chicken Pies
  33. Miniature Traditional "Vetkoek" - Small bundles of dough deep fried to perfection, with your choice of filling.
  34. Mealie Meal "Vetkoek" - Bundles of dough made from traditional African flour, deep fried as a type of mini-bread.
  35. Traditional Pancakes - Made old-style with your choice of fillings.
Condiments for Breads
  1. Butter
  2. Herb Butter
  3. Garlic Butter
  4. Margarine
  5. Homemade Strawberry Jam (Smooth)
  6. Homemade Strawberry Jam (Chunky)
  7. Homemade Apricot Jam (Smooth)
  8. Homemade Apricot Jam (Chunky)
  9. Homemade Peach Jam (Smooth)
  10. Homemade Peach Jam (Chunky)
  11. Homemade Fig Jam (Smooth)
  12. Homemade Fig Jam (Chunky)
  13. Homemade Orange Marmalade (Smooth)
  14. Homemade Orange Marmalade (Chunky)
  15. Fresh Whipped Cream
  16. Gouda (Sweet Milk) Cheese (Grated)
  17. Matured Cheddar Cheese (Grated)
  18. Cottage Cheese (Smooth)
  19. Cottage Cheese (Chunky)
  20. Creamed Cheese (Plain) (Smooth)
  21. Creamed Cheese with Bacon Bits
  22. Creamed Cheese with Salmon Flavoring (Smooth)
  23. Creamed Cheese with Chives (Smooth)
  24. Creamed Cheese with Spring Onion (Smooth)
  25. Homemade Cheese Spread (Biltong flavor)
  26. Homemade Cheese Spread (Sweet Milk flavor)
  27. Homemade Cheese Spread (Cheddar flavor)
  28. Homemade Chicken Liver Pate
  29. Chicken Liver & Mushroom Pate
  30. Homemade Smoked Snoek Pate
  31. Homemade Biltong Pate
  32. Homemade Salmon Pate
  33. Homemade Herb Pate


Salad Choice One:

Salad Choice Two:

Salad Choice Three:
Salad Choice Four:
Salad Choice Five:
Other Requests:



I would like my soup to be served:

Selection of Soups to choose from:

Other Starters:

  1. Asparagus Bites - Baked asparagus in crumbs until golden & crispy.
  2. Bacon & Cheese Wheels - Pastry rolled in a wheel with bacon & cheese.
  3. Baked Liver Pate - Baked in the form of a bread, covered with bacon strips and cut into slices.
  4. Chicken Bites - Small pastries with a chicken filling.
  5. Chicken Livers on a stick - Chicken livers and chunky pieces of peppers, thrown together on a stick for a wonderful taste experience.
  6. Chicken Wings on a Stick - Chicken wings placed on a stick and marinated in a sweet chili and garlic sauce.
  7. Curried Fish - Seasonal white fish in a curry sauce.
  8. Filled Eggs - Egg halves with a mustard mayo filling.
  9. Folded Filled Pancakes - Extra Thick Pancakes filled with Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms.
  10. Mushroom Skewers - Crumbed mushrooms on a stick.
  11. Peri-Peri Chicken livers - Chicken livers rolled in a flour & milk mixture, fried together with peppers, mushrooms and the chef’s secret, magical Peri-Peri sauce.

Main Course


  1. Traditional Chicken Roast.
  2. Lemon-Honey Chicken - Fried chicken in a lemon and honey sauce.
  3. Sunday Chicken - Oven baked chicken with mayonnaise and mango-atjar sauce.
  4. Curry Chicken - Chicken pieces cooked in a curry sauce.
  5. Curry chicken with Peaches - Pieces of chicken, slow cooked and infused with fresh Peaches.
  6. Baked Chicken & Broccoli - Chicken cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce, oven baked with broccoli pieces and pasta.
  7. Chicken Pie - When it comes to pies, a chicken pie is by far the most loved and most famous of them all. Cooked pieces of chicken in a mushroom sauce, covered with dough and baked until golden. A sure winner!
  8. Chicken Skewers -Chicken pieces marinated in a mild curry sauce.
  9. Coronation Chicken - Chicken in a creamy mayonnaise sauce, served chilled.
  10. Oven Baked Chicken - Portions of chicken baked in a tomato and onion sauce.
  11. Chinese Chicken - Chicken pieces in a sweet & sour sauce.
  12. Chicken Schnitzel - Chicken Breasts crumbed and fried to perfection.


  1. Traditional Lamb Roast.
  2. Roasted Lamb Knuckle.
  3. De-Boned Lamb’s Neck.
  4. Tomato Stew - Traditional dish made from tomatoes, Lamb Rib and Potatoes.
  5. “Waterblommetjiebredie” (Water-hawthorn Stew) - A delicious true Cape Town Dish, made from Lamb meat, Waterblommetjies and potatoes.


  1. Traditional Beef Roast.
  2. Bacon Meatballs - Tasty meatballs rolled in bacon pieces and baked to perfection.
  3. Saucy Ox-Tail - Best served with rice because it is such a saucy dish, but stays a winner with everybody.
  4. Bobotie - Traditional dish and an old favourite with all Afrikaners. Mild curry mince oven baked with a milk and egg layer on top. Truly South African!
  5. Beef & Potato Goulash - Made from beef, onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Usually served with rice or stamp.
  6. Beef Schnitzel - Beef cutlets, crumbed and fried to perfection.
  7. Ox Tongue - Salted and Slow Cooked to perfection.


  1. Traditional Venison Roast.
  2. Venison Pie - Delicious Pie made from South African Venison meat.
  3. Venison Casserole - A true South African dish.


  1. Pork Skewers - Pork pieces, cherry tomatoes, onions and bacon on a stick.
  2. Pork Ghoelasj - Pork, tomatoes and potatoes, cooked in a chicken stock sauce.
  3. Stir Fried Pork - Strips of pork, peppers, carrots and mushrooms stir fried and served a sweet & sour sauce.
  4. Pork Roast with Herbs and Orange - Oven baked in a white wine sauce and covered with Herbs and Orange slices.
  5. Pork Schnitzel - Pork Cutlets crumbed and slowly fried, preserving all the goodness.
  6. Pork Spareribs - Always a winner and a South African Classic.
  7. Sweet & Sour Pork Chops


  1. Baked Sardines - Whole sardines rolled in a flour and garlic salt mixture, baked in an oven together with olives and sun dried tomatoes.
  2. Fish Cakes - Round flat cakes made from seasoned minced fish.
  3. Tuna Slices - Tuna mixture spread on dough, which we roll and cut into slices. Baked until golden brown.
  4. Tuna Pie - Delicious dish made from a mixture of tuna, peppers and onions and baked in a pastry dough.
  5. Sardine Bobotie - A twist to the normal well-known bobotie.
  6. Baked Fish - Fish baked in a creamy sauce.
  7. Fish Pastries - Fish mixture baked in a delicious pastry until puffy and golden.
  8. Curry Fish  -Fish in a mild curry sauce.
  9. Garlic Mussels in a Creamy White Wine Sauce.
  10. Smoked Snoek (Snoek is a very well known South African Fish, Part of the Cuta Family)
  11. Steamed Snoek (Snoek is a very well known South African Fish, Part of the Cuta Family)
  12. Traditional Fried Fish in our very own batter - Always a Winner
  13. Steamed Hake Steaklets with our Famous Cheese Sauce

BBQ'd Meats... All done on the Coals, the Only Way...

  1. BBQ'd Chicken Pieces on an open flame.
  2. BBQ'd Chicken Skewers on an open flame marinated in our Secret BBQ Sauce.
  3. BBQ'd Chicken Skewers on an open flame marinated in our Curry Sauce.
  4. BBQ'd Chicken Skewers on an open flame marinated in our very own Lemon & Herb Sauce
  5. BBQ'd Tenderized Steak in our own Basting Sauce - Perfect for a great Steak-Roll.
  6. BBQ'd Beef Minute Steaks.
  7. BBQ'd Beef Skewers on an open flame marinated in our Secret BBQ Sauce.
  8. BBQ'd Beef Skewers on an open flame marinated in our Curry Sauce.
  9. BBQ'd T-bones on an open flame.
  10. BBQ'd Rump Steak.
  11. BBQ'd Sirloin Stea.
  12. BBQ'd Real Grabouw Boerewors (Famous South African Beef Sausage only found in the Cape).
  13. BBQ'd Pork Sausages.
  14. BBQ'd Pork Chops.
  15. BBQ'd Pork Rashers - Belly-pork Strips done on the coals until nice and crispy on the skinny side.
  16. BBQ'd Smoked Pork Rashers - Belly-pork Strips done on the coals until nice and crispy on the skinny side.
  17. BBQ'd Lamb Skewers marinated in our Secret BBQ Sauce.
  18. BBQ'd Lamb Skewers marinated in our Curry Sauce.
  19. BBQ'd Lamb Chops.
  20. BBQ'd Smoked, Salted Lamb Rib.
  21. "Skilpadtjies" - Chopped Lamb Liver and Onions with fresh Herbs rolled in a thin layer of fat, BBQ'd to perfection.


  1. Fish & Tomato Pasta - Pasta covered in an anchovy & tomato sauce.
  2. Penne with Bacon & Sun Dried Tomatoes - Penne in bacon, sun dried tomato and cream cheese sauce.
  3. Vegetable Lasagne - A Tradition lasagne dish with a twist. Tasty layers of vegetables placed between lasagne sheets.
  4. Beef Lasagne - Layers of Lasagne sheets, Tomatoes and Mince covered in a Cheese Sauce.
  5. Chicken Lasagne - Layers of Lasagne sheets, Tomatoes and Creamy Chicken Meat covered in a Cheese Sauce.
  6. Tuna Lasagne - Layers of Lasagne sheets, Tomatoes and Tuna Meat covered in a Cheese Sauce.
  7. Chicken Pasta - Pasta covered with fine pieces of chicken baked in a mayo sauce.
  8. Macaroni & Cheese – A South African Favourite… Macaroni with Tomato and Bacon, covered in Cheese.
  9. Spaghetti Bolognaise – Spaghetti and Minced Beef all mixed up!!

Side Dishes for Main Courses


  1. Baked Potato Slices and Bacon in a Creamy Cheese Sauce.
  2. Cooked Potatoes in a Cheese and Herb Sauce.
  3. Fried Chips.
  4. Fried Potato Wedges.
  5. Mieliepap - “Pap” is a traditional South African type of porridge made from Maize, served with Tomato and onion Stew.
  6. Baked Potato Wedges with Rosemary -Oven baked potatoes seasoned with the chef’s secret spices.
  7. Mashed Potatoes
  8. Coarse Mash Potatoes - Traditional mash potatoes mixed together with crumbled feta and garlic puree.
  9. Lemon Sweet Potatoes - Baked potatoes served with lemon butter sauce.
  10. “Paptert” - “Pap” is a traditional South African type of porridge made from Maize. “Pap” forms the base of this popular dish. Then topped with mushroom, tomato and ham mixture and baked in the oven.
  11. Potato & Garlic Oven bakes.
  12. Potato Fritters – Potato Cakes fried in a pan with our Special Herbs.
  13. Sweet Potatoes - A saucy, yet delicious dish made from Sweet Potatoes.
  14. Savoury Rice.
  15. Stir Fried Rice with Chopped Veggies.
  16. White Rice.
  17. Yellow Rice with Sultanas.
  18. Creamed Couscous.


  1. Baked Mushrooms - Oven baked filled mushrooms.
  2. Mushrooms In Sour Cream Sauce - Cooked mushrooms in a sour cream sauce.
  3. Crumbed Mushrooms – Mushrooms with a Bread Crust Deep-fried till Golden Brown
  4. Ratatouille - A traditional Eggplant dish.
  5. Baked Vegetables - Seasoned oven baked Vegetables.
  6. Tomato and Olive Tart - Sun dried tomatoes and olives on a pastry crust.
  7. Baby Marrows with Feta - Roasted Baby Marrows with crumbled pieces of Feta.
  8. Pumpkin Fritters - Spoons full of Pumpkin mixture fried until golden and served with Cinnamon Sugar.
  9. Pumpkin Mousse - Something different from the normal cooked Pumpkin everybody knows. You will be amazed!
  10. Baked Cauliflower - Cauliflower in a sauce made of pieces of Bacon, Mushrooms and Cheese.
  11. Tomato Stew - Cooked Tomatoes, Potatoes and Onions in an appetizing sauce.
  12. Mixed Vegetables - An all-time trusty dish
  13. Cauliflower and Broccoli in a Creamy White Sauce
  14. Garden Peas
  15. Sweet Baby Carrots
  16. Green Beans done the French Style
  17. Vegetable Stir-fry
  18. Creamed Leeks
  19. Sweet Corn
  20. Corn Wheels – Corn on the cob cut into wheels


Potjiekos is a Traditional South African way of cooking a complete meal in one Cast Iron Pot, normally around a campfire. It is loved by all and a feast every time.

  1. Chicken Potjie
  2. Chicken with a Kick – Chicken in a Sherry and Chutney sauce with Sweet Potatoes
  3. Ostrich Neck Potjie
  4. Duck Potjie – Duck with Sweet Potatoes, all in one pot.
  5. Christmas Turkey Potjie – A Christmas Turkey with a difference
  6. Lamb and Water Hawthorn Potjie
  7. Lamb's Tail Potjie
  8. Lamb and Dried Fruit Potjie
  9. Lamb and Pork Pot
  10. Lamb and Green Bean Potjie
  11. Stuffed Lamb Potjie
  12. Beef and Tomato potjie
  13. Beef Roast Potjie
  14. Beef Curry Potjie
  15. Beef Oxtail Potjie
  16. Biltong Potjie
  17. Ox Tongue Potjie
  18. Pork Roast Potjie
  19. Vegetarian Potjie


Go to our Spitbraai Page to book online now....

It is one of our most popular services, so HURRY!!



  1. Weet-bix Surprise - Weet-bix, banana mousse and nuts covered and baked in a sweet egg sauce and topped with a meringue layer.
  2. Lemon Dessert - Individual baked lemon desserts served a lemon-sugar sauce.
  3. Apple Crumble - Apple wedges rolled in a honey-cinnamon sauce and sprinkled with coconut and almonds and baked until soft and juicy.
  4. Trifle - A tradition dessert usually served on Christmas day. Beautiful layers of jelly, fruit and sponge cake, topped with cream & nuts.
  5. Low Fat Chocolate Mousse - A dessert for the health conscious, but please note, although low in fat, it still has that well known chocolate mousse taste.
  6. Apple Crumble Tart - Cinnamon apple pieces placed on sweet dough and baked until golden and delicious.
  7. Saucy Chocolate Pudding - Baked chocolate pudding in a delicious chocolate sauce.
  8. Malva Pudding - Traditional pudding true to the Cape. A moist baked pudding in a creamy vanilla sauce.
  9. Sago Pudding - Another tradition baked pudding. Delicious and a sure winner.
  10. Chocolate Ice Cream
  11. Vanilla Ice Cream
  12. Strawberries with Ice Cream
  13. Milk Tart - Creamy milk mixture baked in delicious pastry dough, topped with cinnamon.
  14. Carrot Cake - A delicious cake made from carrots and covered in cream cheese icing.
  15. Cheese Cake - All-time favourite. Creamy cake made from Cream cheese, Cream and flavoured with drops of Lemon juice.


  1. Caramel Sauce - A creamy, sweet caramel sauce.
  2. Chocolate Sauce - An all-time favourite


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Please note: All prices as quoted may change without prior notice...


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